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February 25, 2018 2 min read

Preventing Repetitive Strain Injury at Work

Staying Healthy at Work


Being the healthiest version of ourselves is something we are all striving for, often when we are at home we think about our health goals, set targets and make healthy choices. At work it's easy to get distracted and go off track, prioritising your work commitments, roles, jobs and tasks. We work so hard it comes first and we come second - in our own lives!


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  • Take your breaks and get some fresh air if you can.
  • Get active and keep active – take a lunchtime walk or exercise class.
  • Keep your neck active - don’t wedge the phone between your ear and shoulder.
  • Don’t overstretch to perform a task – move closer to the task.
  • If a load is too heavy or an awkward shape, ask someone for help.

More Tips!

Take Extra Time

Make good use of any equipment designed to help you with strenuous tasks. While it may be quicker to just lift the item and move it, take the extra time to grab the trolley and wheel it where it needs to go, there’s no harm in taking a little more time, your back will thank you! If you have a heads up when you’re going to work that it could be a physical day, have a brief warm-up. Do some stretches and loosen your back, arms and legs so they’re prepared for heavy or repetitive work isn’t a shock. 


Prevent Pain Where You Can 

If you are getting work-related aches and pains flag it up with your employer promptly. Let’s aim for prevention and adaptation rather than dealing with it when it’s too late. Your employer can, and should, arrange changes if they’re needed in order to help you fulfil your work requirements. Vary the tasks you do and try to do an action repeatedly where possible. If you have a long to-do list, then have a few things going together so that you can move from one position to another. If you can, wear appropriate clothing. This involves clothes that allow you to move freely and keep your muscles at a warm temperature. 


Help Yourself Outside of Work Too

Take steps outside work to strengthen your muscles and increase your fitness, make your exercise and movement away from work completely different to what you do in work to increase your strength and physical resilience. Take a break every now and then to get a glass of water. Another important thing to remember is not to avoid meals either, your body needs the chance to have a break and get the right nourishment.


Need Help at Work?

Get in Touch

Physiotherapist support is available, providing remote workplace support and local work station equipment. Advisory roles are also provided to businesses looking to reduce absence and improve employee well-being and productivity.

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