What You Need When Suffering From Knee Arthritis is... 

A knee support which helps to reduce the sensation of stiffness and goes a long way to easing your pain without the need for constant painkillers or invasive surgery.You will also benefit from a less obvious limp, as your knees will feel much stronger therefore you can walk with a more natural walking pattern.

Benefit From

  • Firm compression which helps to keep swelling under control

  • Knees which feel more stable and much less likely to give way

  • A cushioned knee cap (patella) ring which takes the load during bending or squatting  

  • A better sleep pattern due to less pain at night

Man wearing knee support for arthritis

Meet Margaret and Bob

We asked two of our past customers why they chose Essential Wellness, what they were struggling with before they purchased from us and how they feel now after using a knee support for arthritis.

With this information we created this short video.

Anna Kearney

Head Physiotherapist

The Best Supports For Arthritic Knees

  • Absorbs some of the shock of accidentally knocking the knee e.g against a table or chair

  • Stops you bending or twisting the knee in an abnormal way, thus helping to avoid future discomfort

  • Designed by our physiotherapists to be the very best knee supports for arthritic knees.

  • Very easy to fit, and extremely comfortable during extended wear

Essential Wellness Knee Support - Adjustable Fit, Cushioned Open Knee Cap

The most complete knee supports for reducing the discomfort of arthritic knees

Compression Control

Firm compression keeps swelling under control and stops the knee from compounding the painful effects of arthritis by swelling too much.

No Sudden Pain Spikes

Sudden flare-ups are prevented by providing the knee with great overall support. You are much less likely to experience a pain spike.

Knee Bends Straight

Sideways movement is restricted, and the knee is encourages to bend without twisting which helps prevents further knee damage.

Open Patella Cushioned Ring

The open front helps the knee cap (patella) track correctly throughout the full range of a knee bend. Keeping the three points of the knee in their natural configuration with each other.

Suitable For All-Day Wear

The additional support given to the knee drastically prolongs the length of time you can use it without rest. Making it perfect for work days, shopping outings and big days out.

Quality Which Lasts

High quality material will not misshapen or stretch with repeated use. Meaning every single time you put on your Essential Wellness knee support, you feel the full pain reducing effects. 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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Essential Wellness Knee Support - Adjustable Fit, Cushioned Open Knee Cap

  • Free delivery as standard, or pay a little extra for faster shipping

  • High quality material which doesn't stretch over time

  • Regular size for 45cm leg circumference, Large for 55cm

  • Unisex, designed to fit either knee. Easy to fit.

Cushioned Knee Pillow | Relieve Knee Pain at Night

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Knee Support, Adjustable Fit - Reduces knee pain & discomfort

30-Day Money Back Guaranteed

Hinged Knee Brace, Adjustable Fit - Rigid Protection & Support

The best option for severe pain caused by severve arthritis and injury. Featuring two metal hinges hidden in either side of the knee brace. 

Please note: This brace is designed to be worn over the top of trousers


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