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March 19, 2018 3 min read

You may be asking yourself "What shoes can I wear after spraining my ankle?", then you are just like hundreds of others who find that finding adequate footwear can be a problem after suffering from a sprained ankle.

As we discuss in the Ultimate Guide to Ankle Sprains, this is because the ankle usually swells and balloons in order to protect the delicate newly injured ligaments from any further damage, with persistent swelling sometimes remaining for 3-6 months. 

Many people resort to walking in flip flops, more because due to the swelling they are the only thing that will fit, but in reality, the average flip flop gives absolutely no support and very little shock absorption to a freshly injured ankle.


going over on your ankle due to footwear

Take a look at the shoes you were wearing when you sprained your ankle. Look for clues it may be time to ditch them.


Sprained ankle swelling


Choosing footwear with a sprained ankle

Depending on how severe the sprain is, determines how long it may take to return to normal footwear.

Getting into supportive footwear sooner rather than later is absolutely key to supporting your long-term recovery. Make sure you choose shoes which open wide with solid soles, or a sturdy set of trainers if they also open wide enough to fit in your ankle. 

Loosening the shoe as much as possible is beneficial to maintaining circulation in the rest of the foot, with trainers it's important not just to loosen the top of the laces, but also the laces further down the trainer as well.

If the shoe opening is pressing into your ankle and leaving indents in your swelling, then the shoes are too tight and should not be worn. Tight-fitting shoes can limit circulation around the foot and can contribute to persistent ankle swelling.


Checking your shoes after a sprained ankle

Check Your Old Shoes

Check all the surfaces, touch it and see if the sole has been worn in a particular area. Worn soles are less supportive and simply getting a new pair can make you more stable. If your shoes were not the culprit, perhaps it was a loss of balance? Read more about restoring balance.


Any shoe or trainer you wear regularly should be replaced yearly if your priority is foot health and ankle stability. If you play a lot of sports, attend the gym or run 3-4 times per week these trainers should be replaced every 6 months if possible.


Consider an Ankle Support

An Essential Wellness ankle support brace can play an integral part in reducing your recovery time and getting you back on your feet faster.

A solid alternative to wearing shoes around the house is wearing an ankle support. Much easier to get your foot in, it also wraps around tight enough to give the feeling of support for your weakened ankle. 

The Essential Wellness ankle support also comes complete with a criss-cross support strap which allows you to overtime adjust the level of support for the different stages of recovery. 

Lighter when the injury is fresh, with a tighter, more supportive wrap once the injured ankle becomes weight bearing again.

It can be used to treat almost any type of ankle condition, including twisting of the ankle, excessive and/or persistent swelling (compression helps relieve swelling), arthritis, tendonitis and for additional support after surgery. Previous


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