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January 05, 2018 3 min read

Weight Loss with Knee Pain

Happy New Year! It that’s time of year again where people begin to feel the effects of a month-long indulgence and everyone spends time whipping themselves back into shape. Protecting joints can be essential to getting a good start to the year - to be more active, feel better and move better. Veganuary, Dry January and many many new year's resolutions are set!

How about Weight Loss?

There is a month of potential over-indulgence for your body to adjust to, dropping off the cliff edge onto the austerity of January. A few simple steps can have a big impact without feeling like you’ve just removed major food groups from of your eating habits.

It generally agreed - what we use to fuel the tank is what makes the biggest difference to weight loss goals - not all calories are made equal. This will be a relief to hear to all those suffering from joint and particularly knee pains, carrying a little extra weight who are struggling to know where to start with weight loss. Breath easy, you don’t have to spend your January committed to a never-ending treadmill!


10 calories of chocolate are processed by the body in a different way to 10 calories of almonds - this is an important thing to recognise for weight loss with joint pain. If your knees and ankles are hurting - increasing your movement and exercise may not be the first step for you. Dietary changes can be.

  • Keep a food diary for a week and see if you can switch any items for things that boost your metabolism and hydration. That doesn’t cause a big fluctuation in insulin, therefore making it less likely for your body to ‘store’ any excess calories.
  • Hydration is important - can you add 1 -2 glasses of water to your daily routine if you are not getting your 8 glasses a day? Try it for 3 days and notice the difference in your appetite, concentration, sleep, motivation and general flexibility.  


In this digital world, we could all do with moving around more frequently. Literally just a bit of movement too. You don’t have to elevate your heart rate to have positive effects on your circulation. Gentle, frequent movement raises our base level of calorie burning (BMR - base metabolic rate - the calories we burn just from being alive). The more you move the more you are stimulating your system to use calories and raise it’s work rate - thrashing a session out in the gym for an hour does not take the place of gentle frequent movement.


For those with aches and pains, it can be difficult to know where to start. If you feel comfortable in the water, swimming pools are definitely top of the list for weight loss with joint pain. Whether walking, swimming or going to an aqua-fit class - you will find those aching joints can do more in water than you might usually manage on dry land.

Even smaller bursts of intense exercise may suit your joints better. Lifting some weights in a controlled environment for 20 minutes will do as much for your weight loss and running for twice that length of time.

Weight loss needs a combination of things to be a success and keep the weight off. Remember when you get started why you’re doing it otherwise you may find you want to give up part way through!

Find out how joint supports can help you relieve pain and start losing weight

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Size chart
Essential Wellness Knee Support
Size Measurements Where to measure
Medium Up to 40cm
Above the Knee
Large Up to 50cm
Extra Large Up to 60cm
Essential Wellness Ankle Support with Strap
Size Measurements Where to measure
Medium 15.2cm - 20.3cm Around the arch of the foot
Essential Wellness Hinge Knee Brace
Size Measurements Where to measure
Medium Upto 42cm
Above the Knee
Large Upto 52cm
Extra Large Upto 62cm
Essential Wellness Ankle Lace Up Brace
Size Measurements Where to measure
Medium 20.3cm - 25.4cm
Around the arch of the foot
Large 25.4cm - 30.5cm
Extra Large 30.5cm - 36.7cm
Essential Wellness Knee Compression Sleeve
Size Measurements Where to measure
Medium 30cm - 36cm
Above the knee
Large 36cm - 42cm
Extra Large 42cm - 48cm
Essential Wellness Orthopaedic Insoles
Size Measurements Where to measure
Small (3-7) 22.5cm
Heel to Big Toe
Large (6.5-11) 25cm - 28.5cm
Essential Wellness Walking Stick
Size Measurements Where to measure
One Size 5'0" - 6'0" Floor to wrist crease with arm by side
Essential Wellness Ankle Compression Sleeve
Size Measurements Where to measure
Medium 20cm - 22cm
Around the arch of the foot
Large 22cm - 24cm
Extra Large 24cm - 26cm


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