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Cushioned Knee Pillow | Relieve Knee Pain

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Relax While Seated & Get a Great Night's Sleep

Soft and cushioned it's easy to increase the comfort of your knees. The quilted pillow rests between your knees as you sleep and features a soft strap which keeps it in place even if you toss and turn.

You already know how painful arthritic knees can get at night and accidentally knocking already sore knees together can keep you up most of the night. Now sleepless nights can become a thing of the past, using an Essential Wellness cushioned pillow between your knees to protect them from one another.


Reduce Pain-Related Insomnia

This supportive knee pillow moulds to you for ultimate comfort. It gently straps in place to stay secure all night. It's time to fall asleep feeling supported and wake up feeling refreshed. 

  • Not every knee pain is the same and many knee conditions can be helped with some extra support. It is the ideal support for the following:

      • Mild Arthritis
      • Severe Arthritis
      • Knee Stiffness
      • Knee Tenderness
      • Waking up with knee pain
    • Back Pain at night
    • Cartilage Injuries
    • Outer hip pain
    • Restless leg syndrome
    • Recovering from surgery (if advised by your consultant)
    1. Thick and spongy filling with a soft pure cotton cover
    2. Suitable for supporting the head. neck, feet, knees, back and under the stomach
    3. Can be used when lying on your side, back or front
    4. Size: 20 x 11 x 11cm
    5. Designed to specifications in the UK
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Customer Reviews


Size chart
Essential Wellness Knee Support
Size Measurements Where to measure
Medium Up to 40cm
Above the Knee
Large Up to 50cm
Extra Large Up to 60cm
Essential Wellness Ankle Support with Strap
Size Measurements Where to measure
Medium 15.2cm - 20.3cm Around the arch of the foot
Essential Wellness Hinge Knee Brace
Size Measurements Where to measure
Medium Upto 42cm
Above the Knee
Large Upto 52cm
Extra Large Upto 62cm
Essential Wellness Ankle Lace Up Brace
Size Measurements Where to measure
Medium 20.3cm - 25.4cm
Around the arch of the foot
Large 25.4cm - 30.5cm
Extra Large 30.5cm - 36.7cm
Essential Wellness Knee Compression Sleeve
Size Measurements Where to measure
Medium 30cm - 36cm
Above the knee
Large 36cm - 42cm
Extra Large 42cm - 48cm
Essential Wellness Orthopaedic Insoles
Size Measurements Where to measure
Small (3-7) 22.5cm
Heel to Big Toe
Large (6.5-11) 25cm - 28.5cm
Essential Wellness Walking Stick
Size Measurements Where to measure
One Size 5'0" - 6'0" Floor to wrist crease with arm by side
Essential Wellness Ankle Compression Sleeve
Size Measurements Where to measure
Medium 20cm - 22cm
Around the arch of the foot
Large 22cm - 24cm
Extra Large 24cm - 26cm


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