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Ankle Support, Breathable Compression Sleeve - Black & Red, Unisex

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Breathable Compression & Support

A lightweight support that fits in your shoe and doesn’t limit your movement. This compression sock has been designed to be worn with a sock and still fit comfortably into your shoes.

It pulls on like a sock and provides consistent pressure around the ankle throughout the day. For your aching ankles, to bring a sense of relief as it slips on and backs up weakened ligaments and unstable joints.

A minor sprain or tweak of the ankle can feel like a warning sign, and by wearing this compression support you can reduce future risk of injury and falls. It gives your ankle the helping hand it needs towards full recovery while it’s flexible material still allows for normal walking and movement.

Also, a great addition to the recovery of plantar fasciitis, as we understand the difficulty of putting your foot to the floor first thing in the morning so pull this compression support on first to ease that early morning struggle.
  • This brace gets you back on your feet and doesn’t let your ankle injury slow you down too much. It is the ideal support for the following:

      • Mild ankle pain
      • Ankle soreness with wet or damp weather
      • Pain on walking, standing and bearing weight
      • Grade 1 ligament sprains with swelling
      • Preventing further ankle injuries
    • Mild arthritis
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Long term use after ankle surgery or fracture
    • Ankle swelling
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    1. Nylon blend support with elastic compression evenly throughout the garment
    2. Wear it like a sock, underneath your usual socks or stockings
    3. Suitable for all-day wear, recommend taking off overnight
    4. Designed to specifications in the UK
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