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May 05, 2017 5 min read

The story of how Gaming Fuel developed the ultimate Power Bank.

12000mAh-Pokeball-Go-Power-bank-Pokeball-12000-Mah-Powerbank-LED-Quick-Phone-Charge-Power-Bank-Cartoon (2)

Pikachu discovers Gaming Fuel

On our travels playing Pokémon Go, doing what 73,000,000 other people in the world are doing we caught a Pikachu, and as it was our first Pikachu we cheered and bounced for joy. Ever since the release of Niantic’s Pokémon Go we’ve had it as our mission just like Ash Ketchum our Pokémon trainer idol to become the very best. Like no one ever was!

Now, it’s a well known fact that Pikachu doesn’t like staying in her PokeBall and she kept shocking us as we were going about our day to day lives.

We asked Pikachu why she didn’t want to stay inside her PokeBall. Now, you have to understand that it took a long time for Pikachu to get the message across. You see Pikachu can only say the word Pikachu and wave her arms about. But finally we got the message…

Pikachu got hungry inside the PokeBall and couldn’t do what Pikachu’s like to do which is forage for food as they are going along. You see, it takes a lot of energy to deliver all those electric shocks. Pikachu has tried eating high energy food found in supermarkets however they give her a short term boost and a long term dip in overall energy.

Suddenly we had an idea…

“We’ve all been there, you are just too preoccupied with what you are doing in life to worry too much about what you are eating. And it’s hard work finding the right kinds of food to eat, everything just kinda looks… the same. Besides, it tastes nice so it must be alright!?

However, we looked into this and it turns out that it’s the things that you eat and drink with your meals which have the biggest effect on your body and energy levels throughout the day…”

So we filled a PokéBall with a selection of delicious snacks and drinks – and Pikachu just couldn’t resist taking a look inside.

Gaming Fuel PokéBall with pokemon Pikachu

Sustained Power


Pikachu went inside the Pokeball, and upon eating the food we put inside there she suddenly found that rather than experiencing the sudden surges in electricity that she had experienced before, she could deliver a sustained and prolonged electrical discharge!

She had become more powerful than even the strongest Raichu (Pikachu’s much stronger evolved form) and could deliver a sustained and powerful blast continually without stopping for hours!

This was getting dangerous…


The special Containment Unit


Our Pikachu loved that she could just rest inside her PokeBall all day and eat food that wasn’t going to cause spikes in her electrical discharge levels. In short, she liked it in the PokeBall and we mean REALLY liked it and she kept wanting to go back inside! But every time we put her inside one of our PokeBalls her new found power kept exploding the PokeBalls! The PokeBalls just couldn’t handle the force of a mega powered Pikachu.

It was costing us a fortune in PokeBalls! So we decided once and for all that we were going to put a stop to this and contacted Professor Oak immediately.

After listening to our problem and with him paying particular attention to the types of food which we were feeding our Pikachu he came up with a solution.

He designed for us a special Pokemon containment unit, that safely houses our Pikachu and provides her with an ample supply of goodies and snacks that we have placed inside the containment unit.

The Pikachu housed inside was very happy!

  Gaming Fuel PokéBall containing pokemon Pikachu

The Case of The Curious Glow

After we had all stopped celebrating we noticed a peculiar trait that this PokeBall started exhibiting. It glowed from within… as if by some unseen force.

Of course we knew what that force was. Pikachu was inside and powered up on food that Gaming Fuel had supplied her. In fact, she was so powerful that if we looked close enough we could actually glimpse the lightning from within trying to get out.


We called Professor Oak back, obviously worried about what would happen if this PokeBall was to fail like all the others did, but he reassured us by saying:

“Don’t worry at all Pokemon Trainers, I installed your new PokeBall with the latest new technology to make sure that you and the Pikachu inside it are safe. I call it the Lighting Limiting PokeBall!…

You may also be pleased to note that your PokeBall can also charge your PokeDex when you are out on the Go. It will intelligently connect to your device to supply it with the correct amount of power needed to charge it safely and efficiently. PokeDex’s come in all shapes and sizes and it’s important that your device gets the correct level of charge to avoid mishaps.

Not only that, but as you are aware it is wise to gather Pokemon in pairs for safety. This PokeBall will charge two devices at the same time, delivering to each an intelligently configured charge!

I predict an average recharge from 0 to 100% of an average sized PokeDex about 5 times, or you can trickle charge it when the need occurs.

I hope you catch them all! Professor Oak out!”

Gaming Fuel pokemon inspired PokeBall with LED Glow

Technological Marvel


So we were now in the possession of a Lightning Limiting PokeBall

Well first things first, that name was rubbish… Just you try saying “Hey PokePal, can you pass me the Lighting Limiting PokeBall please… My Pokemon Go device is out of juice!”

So instead, we took to the habit of shortening it to ‘LLP’

Gaming Fuel Pokemon inspired PokeBall portable charger, power bank, perfect for pokemon go and pokemon go plusGaming Fuel Pokemon inspired PokeBall portable charger, power bank, perfect for pokemon go and pokemon go plus

Our Mission


With great power comes great Pokemon Go sessions! We were suddenly reinvigorated! Not only could we charge our device we used to play Pokemon Go, but we could also charge the Pokemon Go Plus wrist watch! The fun went on for hours and everybody in our Pokemon Go group was able to get a little power from it when their device ran low.

We knew we had to bring this to the world, but how? Professor Oak can’t currently be reached and we simply must find a way to support our fellow Pokemon Go trainers on their quest to catch them all.

So we packed up our PokeBall with our powered up Pikachu inside and sent it off to be analysed!

The findings were immense, this new LLP PokeBall not only out performed all other PokeBalls currently available but was also safer!

The LLP ran cool, and delivered a constant stable power source that intelligently (thanks in no small part to the Pikachu contained within) recognised the connected device and delivered the required power level.

This PokeBall brought to you by Gaming Fuel can withstand fluctuations in voltage and current that would fry other PokeBalls thanks to our little friend.

Production must start immediately!Gaming Fuel Pokemon inspired PokeBall portable charger, power bank, perfect for pokemon go and pokemon go plus

Powered by Gaming Fuel

This is your chance to hold the power within the palm of your hand!

Pokemon trainer, we urge you to become the very best! Like no one ever was!

Pokemon trainer, we… choose… you!


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