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March 15, 2018 2 min read

[Last Edited: 08/10/20]

Do I Have Symptoms of Tennis Elbows?

Tennis elbow is a painful condition outside of the elbow or forearm that can make gripping difficult.


Do you have pain? 


Where is the pain? Many people have soreness on the outside of the elbow, others feel it up and down the arm or in the back of the wrist.

Do you have inflammation? 

Tennis elbow is often related to inflammation and swelling - take a look at the forearm and see if you can see any raised areas. It may be beneficial to speak to your local pharmacist about anti-inflammatory medications to see if they might help reduce this. Being able to reduce inflammation with ice, rest and medications will lessen the pain. 

Do you have heat or redness? 

Along with inflammation is heat and redness. Are you able to feel unusual warmth from the outside of the elbow? It's common for this condition to be sensitive to touch and prodding the area should be limited. If warmth or redness are suspected, use an ice pack to reduce these symptoms. 

Answered yes to all these? 

If you think you are suffering from Tennis Elbow limit the ongoing strain by changing activities or using a support.  In a few cases, there may be some benefits from having a steroid injection from your local GP, but evidence tells us most people have more long term improvements with exercise and avoiding aggravating activities.


Wearing our comfortable support sleeve with a pressure pad can help limit tendon overuse and give the tendon an opportunity to rest. It is used to support healing and recovery. 


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