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March 05, 2018 2 min read

Overview and Uses

elbow support for Tennis elbow
The Essential Wellness Elbow Support has been designed with tendon problems in mind, specifically tennis and golfer’s elbow. The neoprene sleeve wraps comfortably around an area that can be tender and swollen. This support brace gives the tendon supported rest and relieves symptoms.
tennis elbow

This support is designed for offloading the tendon in the forearm. Repetitive actions, gardening or at work can cause an inflammatory response in the tendon that attaches the forearm muscles to the outside of the elbow. This bony point of attachment can become very tender, feel hot to touch and be painful with any wrist movement. Gripping may be painful and may weaken over time. 

Tennis Elbow 

A painful overuse injury that leads to inflammation and weakening of the tendon in the forearm. Symptoms can often begin after a sudden increase in activity - DIY, painting, gardening, heavy lifting or strenuous manual jobs are all common triggers for tennis elbow. 
The elbow support acts by reducing the effort and force that goes through the tendon. The support brace has a pressure pad build in to pressurise the tendon and reduce the force. This gives the tendon an opportunity to rest and heal. Inflammation over time can weaken the structure of the tendon so using an elbow support brace as soon as you notice symptoms developing can prevent the condition deteriorating.



Relieving Tennis Elbow Symptoms

Flexible Strap 

Its flexible strapping means that it can be adjusted to suit your symptoms and alleviate your pain during activity.

Offloading Pad

The pressure pad acts to alleviate tendon pressure and assist in the healing process.

Supportive Sleeve

The width of the elbow sleeve means that it will easily keep the elbow warm, reducing the aching and throbbing often associated with tennis elbow.

Essential Wellness Elbow Support Brace

This elbow brace has been ergonomically designed to alleviate pain and tension for inflamed tendons and sore joints. The additional strap applies consistent pressure to the inflamed tendons and aims to prevent further irritation and over-activity.

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