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March 08, 2018 2 min read

Avoiding Thumb Pain and Optimising Performance on PS Vita Remote Play

Gamers chasing improvement performance often begin to feel thumb pain as playing levels increase. Remote play of PS Vita can see an upturn in performance and relieve thumb pain using a game control mount to connect a PS Vita to a DualShock 4 controller and PlayStation 4.

This article details the latest information on using a game control mount via ps vita to alleviate hand pain and improve gameplay. Making gameplay comfortable for long periods in any positions!

Remote play is a great way to enjoy the latest games on PlayStation, however excessive and prolonged gameplay can cause thumb and finger pain. Using the game mount for ps vita remote play can take some of the strain off the thumb joints.

Over time, repetitive actions and forces can strain the tendons and joints in the thumb causing them to ache and become stiff. Rather than interrupt gameplay, improving hand position is the simple fix to maintaining gaming performance

relieve thumb pain


Ultimate PS Vita Remote Play is simple to setup:

PS Vita:

You’ll need yourself a PS Vita.

DualShock 4:

On its own the PS Vita can remote play with a Playstation 4, however, the location of the L2/R2 and L3/R3 buttons make it somewhat tricky to play all but the most simple games.

Game Control Mount:

This device was developed by Sony to attach a smartphone to a controller for a remote play experience. However, we're going to make it fit to the PS Vita.

Caution is recommended against the admittedly cool-looking PS Vita holders which attempt to change the PS Vita into the more familiar Dualshock 4 shape. Now, while more useful than not having it, it doesn't compare to being able to use a Dualshock 4 controller. If you're getting wrecked in online play due to bad PS Vita controls then you only have yourself to blame unless you follow our guide.

In addition to this remote set up, our thumb supports optimise thumb position and prevent any repetitive strain injury. Keeping the thumbs supported and pain-free throughout intensive gameplay.

Thumb Supports improve thumb position for quick-firing, rapid movements and support the hand and wrist to play in any position, on the bed, in your gaming chair, on the train or on the beach!

Reduces fatigue - thumb pain or not having your thumbs supported while playing will undoubtedly put you ahead of your peers with increased performance and gaming endurance.


Our thumb support is able to reinforce a weakened thumb in order to increase grip strength as well as reduce the negative impact of overstraining through repetitive movements. 

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