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October 08, 2018 3 min read

Four of the best ways to stop knee pain at night

Is your knee pain keeping you awake at night? 

Getting into bed at the end of a long day is one of the most rewarding parts of the day. It is the time where we get to relax, wind down and prepare for another day ahead of us tomorrow. However, if you suffer from knee problems, you might find that you experience knee pain at night and that will often keep you awake, leaving you feeling tired the next day.

When the body comes to a stop and relaxes in bed, it is often the time when pain occurs because activity throughout the day has helped to mask the pain in some instances. With this in mind, if you suffer from knee pain at night, you need to determine what the best knee pain relief options are available to you.

Fortunately, it is possible to stop knee pain at night just by making a few wise choices prior to climbing into bed.

Four ways to avoid knee pain at night

Place a Cushion Between the Knees 

Often, depending on your sleeping position, you may find that your knees end up in uncomfortable positions that wake you up.  Using a cushioned knee pillow can help to keep the knees correctly aligned and positioned, providing the correct support to keep pain at bay. Pressure in the knee and incorrect alignment can result in significant pain but the knee cushion provides the perfect solution. Whether you are lying on your side and put the cushion between your knees or if you are lying on your back and place the cushion underneath the knee, you will be able to take the knee out of extreme positions and help you drift off to sleep.

Using a Hot Water Bottle 

Placing a hot water bottle on the painful knee before bed can help to ease the pain for several hours. In fact, you could even place it on the knee wrapped in a towel or blanket and leave it there long after you have fallen asleep. The heat will help to keep the feeling of stiffness as bay and help to encourage the blood flow to the area, again helping to ease the pain. As you feel the soothing heat it is harder for your brain to feel the pain signals and this can work wonders as a distraction for the pain. If you find that you wake up at night with pain this is something you can do for relief at any time of night.

Gentle Exercises 

Over time knee pain causes muscles to become weak and the joint can become stiff - both of these things can cause more pain. If you have spent the few hours before bed in front of the television or reading a book, then the chances are that you have not moved around much. That lack of movement can cause the knee to stiffen up and so, that is where gentle exercise can help. All it takes is 5-10 minutes of gentle stretching before bed to help loosen up the knee and ease pain. Moving the knee through its movement, bending and straightening it several times as well as squeezing the muscles at the front of the thigh so you knee pushes into the bed with you are lying on your back can help to ease the stiffness and relax the joint before sleeping.

Wear a Support 

The benefits of a knee support are widely known such as providing stability, strength and warmth so wearing one to bed can help. First of all, it is worth noting that it should be worn loosely to encourage circulation. The support can help the knee to feel more stable, even when lying down. It’s a common complaint to be woken up when rolling over by a tweaking pain as the knee strains. If this happens to you then a knee support could be the solution to this problem.

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