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How to choose the best way to support your knees

Sometimes, a knee support is just the right choice in life. Your knee has been playing up again, and you want to give it a little extra support. Or, maybe you've only just injured it in a recent accident. Either way, there are some important things to consider when deciding which is the best knee support for you.

Some important questions we're going to cover are:
  • How much does your knee hurt?
  • Is your pain the result of a recent injury or long term condition?
  • Would you prefer knee supports which discreetly under clothes?

On this page, we highlight and discuss some of your more important initial considerations.

How much does your knee hurt?

Granted, while this is not a very nice place to start, grading your knee pain symptoms does have the benefit of easily highlighting just how much support your knee requires. A low throbbing pain would benefit more from a compression sleeve than a fully hinged knee brace. While sharper pain which spikes with activity would require that the knee is fortified more heavily to allow the damaged components of the knee time to rest and recuperate.

Most people will find that a knee support which is adjustable is preferable to a sleeve, as it is easier to get the correct fit and can be loosened at a rate equal to the recovery of your knee or tightened during periods of increased pain through activity or those who want a knee support for trips away.

Is your pain the result of a recent injury or long term condition?

The pain in your knee will likely fall into one of two categories, both are discussed below.

Best knee support for long term knee pain

Long Term Knee Conditions

It’s likely that you’ve noticed the pain increasing more steadily over time. Perhaps you feel yourself fatiguing more easily and your pain is loaded more towards the rear of the day. After a while, it also hurts in the morning until your knees warm up through light activity e.g. getting dressed, making your breakfast etc…

Osteoarthritis of the knee is the most common condition of this variety and sufferers will find that their knees deteriorate over time. If you’re earlier on in this process then a lighter Essential Wellness Knee Compression Sleeve  will provide reinforcement during long days on your feet.

Most sufferers of arthritis will actually get the most benefit from the Essential Wellness Knee Support, this versatile knee support is the superior choice and features the ability to tighten and loosen the straps as required coupled with the ability to keep your knees well supported.

At the sharp end of the spectrum so to speak, degenerative knee conditions may reach the stage where surgery is a very real prospect. While the success rates of knee surgery are high, complications can still happen, and those looking to delay this outcome for as long as possible should opt for an Essential Wellness Hinged Knee Brace in order to provide your knee with as much support as possible.

Essential Wellness Knee Support with crutches

Recent Injury

If you have recently injured your knee it is important that you quickly assess the level of damage done and take steps to mitigate this with the appropriate level of rest to allow the damaged components - known as ligaments and tendons - time to recover. Your body is remarkable at self-repair and symptoms such as swelling is there to attempt to provide natural protection while pain exists to warn your brain to take a little care while the body goes to work.

Light injuries can normally be left to their own devices and will simply heal themselves with little need to purchase additional reinforcement. Exceptions to this are where you are still required to maintain high activity levels such as going to the gym or a job which requires you to walk long distances. In these examples, an Essential Wellness Knee Compression Sleeve would be the ideal purchase to provide you with enough support to continue your activity levels.

Injuries, where you are still able to bear your own weight - albeit painfully - would require an Essential Wellness Knee Support to more heavily reinforce the knee and help, keep the patella - known to most as the knee cap - inline as you bend your knee. Immediate pain relief will normally be felt as a result of using this knee support.

Severe injuries should first be evaluated by a trained professional, it’s your body and we would urge you to look after it. Upon correct diagnosis, you’ll normally find that the Essential Wellness Hinged Knee Brace is the correct support option. This particular brace type features two metal hinges which are placed within the material on either side of the knee. This brace provides a lot of support and takes a significant amount of strain allowing your damaged knee the time to begin the repair process.

Would you prefer your knee support fits discreetly?

While being a vanity consideration, it still deserves a mention as social and familial pressures often play a major role in our lives. Many people have built up reputations for being sturdy, hale and hearty individuals who rarely fall ill and seem to just carry on regardless.

The situations which lead people to prefer to keep their condition a low profile are many and varied such as being in position in your workplace which may require you to be customer facing or perhaps certain dynamics within your peer group would have you the butt of jokes.

Often, older members of society want to avoid outward displays of encroaching age or perhaps simply want to avoid unwanted attention and questions from well-meaning friends and family who spot the knee support and begin to take pity.

You will find the Essential Wellness Knee Compression Sleeve is practically invisible under clothes while the Essential Wellness Knee Support is extremely hard to spot under standard fitting trousers. The Essential Wellness Hinged Knee Brace, on the other hand, would only be undetectable under a skirt or dress which falls below the knee and is most normally worn over your clothes.

Below are three images of an Essential Wellness customer wearing theReinforcing Knee Support under standard fitting trousers. Thank you Sally for sending in the pictures!


Knee Supports Suitable for a broad range of conditions

The Essential Wellness range of knee supports has been designed with you in mind to relieve your sore and tired knees no matter what the condition.

We listen to our customer feedback and we've added features to our latest range of supports to offer both flexibility and increased support and stability.

Whether a recent injury or a long term condition your needs may change and it can be difficult to know what is best for your precious knee joints. Our in-house physiotherapist Anna, with over 10 years experience dealing with musculoskeletal injuries with institutes such as England Netball, provides a comparison of the three different knee supports so you can choose the one that's right for you.

Other methods of easing knee pain

Knee supports are by far the simplest and easiest way to manage knee pain without long-term reliance on painkillers or surgery. However, there are a few other items in our physiotherapist's toolbox which deserve an honourable mention.

Folding Walking Stick

A walking stick is seen by many as one of the final steps to be taken to assist walking from A to B. However, ask anyone who does use one the question “Does it help?” and the answer is a resounding “Yes!”.

While normally walking sticks are unwieldy to carry around, Essential Wellness has developed a folding walking stick which folds into a size capable of fitting neatly into a bag while automatically ‘snapping’ into place when the handle is held and the rest of the walking stick is allowed to fall to the floor. This quick transitioning between portability and usability makes this a great choice in almost any circumstance.