Essential Wellness Knee Support: A Physio's Perspective

A strong all-rounder, the M-Brace Me ankle support is designed to provide additional stability to a weakened ankle. Often times brought on by strains, sprains and soreness from arthritis. 

The included 'Cross-Over Strap' gives you control over the pressure and support. Giving you confidence your ankle won't give way. 

Anna, Chartered Physiotherapist at Essential Wellness recommends this form of ankle brace is used to offer it's wearer all-day support, relief from soreness and stiffness. Also, this ankle support is suitable to aid a faster recovery from going over on your ankle and causing a more acute injury. 

Part of the design specification was to ensure the ankle support was also able to brace against the impact of walking and provide stability on unsteady terrain on the hills, in the garden and wobbly pavements!

Ankle Support - Helps to Stabilise and Comfort a Weakened Ankle

"The support brace can be used for conditions such as achilles tendinitis, arthritis, ligament strain, ankle instability, as well as all kinds of ankle pain and post surgery."

Whether the injury has occurred in the last week or 10 years ago, the support brace adds external stability that may be lacking from the internal structures of the ankle and allows return to activity sooner than not using this support brace.


The Essential Wellness Ankle Support wraps around your foot with two points of fastening, which gives your foot a 'firm hug'. This compression helps to alleviate pain and provide a bracing effect against the sideways ankle movement commonly experienced with a weakened ankle.

Durable enough to be worn within a shoe or around the house without shoes, the firm immobilisation effect still allows a natural range of movement which will help to minimise the inevitable repercussions of pain and stiffness of a completely immobilised foot.


Vented air pockets allow the foot to 'breathe' while wearing the ankle support, reducing the amount which the foot sweats and swells. This increases the wearers comfort and makes this ankle support suitable for all-day use.

Reinforced Support

Standard support may be enough for most conditions, however there are certain instances where extra support is an essential factor to the speed of recovery.

New and acute injuries, such as when you have twisted your ankle require more rigid immobilisation in order to protect the newly injured ligaments.

Those who are recovering after surgery may also require a tighter wrap, and the included reinforcing strap gives you that option.

Maintain Your Independance

Your new Essential Wellness support brace is designed to reduce the impact of walking and accidental knocks going through the ankle and absorb some of the shock. It will also help to restrict the twisting forces which are present if you are moving, changing direction or jumping.

Many of our customers use the ankle support to allow them to keep on doing what they love, activities such as attending the bingo, theatre and gardening being common.

In Summary: Discover a quality ankle support, suitable for all type of injuries. Get back into sport, walking, gardening and long periods of standing. Low profile enough to be used discreetly within the shoe and under clothing. 

From everyone at Essential Wellness we wish to empower you to manage your condition your way, and to ... 

Be. The. Best. You.

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