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Extra Large Knee Support, Adjustable Fit - More comfort for larger knees

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The Essential Wellness Extra Large Knee Supports brace, protect and support weak & painful knees.

They have been specially designed by our UK Physiotherapist for wear on larger legs with increased support in key areas while still retaining maximum comfort during all-wear. Fully adjustable in three areas to account for swelling and for you to find your perfect fit for your unique knee shape.

One of the benefits of this support is that it adds the maximum amount of stability possible whilst still being low profile enough to fit comfortably underneath your clothing. Perfect for when you require additional support for knees which give way, hurt when stood for long periods or hurt when you walk.

Size of knee supports - measure all the way around the lower thigh. 10 cm above the knee cap. If within ~3cm of a cusp, consider ordering the size up to account for any future knee swelling.

  • Extra Large - Up to 60 cm
  • Extra Extra Large - Up to 70cm

Provides discreet extra knee support throughout the day and features a cushioned open patella knee cap ring to help keep the kneecap in line and provide additional comfort when kneeling.

Each knee brace is designed to physiotherapy specifications to provide great pain-relieving qualities via additional support when worn on either leg.

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“Great buy”

XL knee support

25 Jul 2020 by David R. (United Kingdom)

“The Knee support is really good I've got the XL and it fits perfectly money well spent thank you”

Enjoy a reduction in knee arthritis pain, knee tendonitis discomfort and relief from general knee pain.

No matter what the cause of your knee pain is, this knee support can be used to ease your pain, swelling and instability. It is the ideal support for the following:

  • Arthritis (Osteoarthritis)
  • Patella Tendonitis
  • Patella or kneecap Pain
  • Mal-tracking patella
  • Using the gym and keeping fit
  • Cartilage Damage
  • Ligament Tears
  • Knee Instability or giving way
  • Constant knee pain
  • Pain with walking or climbing stairs

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Verified Buyer

“Great buy”

Best knee brace for the price range

19 Jun 2020 by Mary M. (Roxburghshire, United Kingdom)

“Best knee support available comfortable no cutting off the blood supply supports when moving helps with pain. Perfect”


Buy now, and Be The Best You

Choose the Essential Wellness Extra Large Knee Support to assist you in maintaining your independence, going on shopping outings and enduring prolonged periods of standing. Our past customers tell us they also enjoy a more comfortable gardening experience and many other activities. The Extra-Large knee brace is universally loved by our past customers due to its versatility, pain easing qualities and the fact that it's so comfortable to wear, that most people actually forget they are wearing one!

And remember, everything on Essential Wellness is backed by Our Karma System 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee.


Product Specifications

  • Firm and supportive neoprene material
  • Handwash in cold water and hang to dry
  • Unisex, designed to fit either knee
  • Can be easily hidden under loose clothes
  • Extra Large Size, Maximum width 60cm. Suitable for overweight and muscular legs
  • Extra Extra Large Size, Maximum width 70cm. Suitable for obese or super muscly legs
  • Designed to specifications in the UK



    The open patella design featuring a cushioned ring that helps to keep the kneecap inline while walking. This will give you confidence in your movement, helping to maintain your levels of activity during otherwise painful flare-ups. This type of knee brace is a true all-rounder, providing a medium level of support which is perfect for recovery from a recent knee injury, reducing arthritic knee pain and giving relief from general knee pain and discomfort. 

    Fitting Instructions - Video

    Please view this video for a short demonstration on the correct usage of an Essential Wellness Knee Support.

    Customer Reviews


    Size chart
    Essential Wellness Knee Support
    Size Measurements Where to measure
    Medium Up to 40cm
    Above the Knee
    Large Up to 50cm
    Extra Large Up to 60cm
    Essential Wellness Ankle Support with Strap
    Size Measurements Where to measure
    Medium 15.2cm - 20.3cm Around the arch of the foot
    Essential Wellness Hinge Knee Brace
    Size Measurements Where to measure
    Medium Upto 42cm
    Above the Knee
    Large Upto 52cm
    Extra Large Upto 62cm
    Essential Wellness Ankle Lace Up Brace
    Size Measurements Where to measure
    Medium 20.3cm - 25.4cm
    Around the arch of the foot
    Large 25.4cm - 30.5cm
    Extra Large 30.5cm - 36.7cm
    Essential Wellness Knee Compression Sleeve
    Size Measurements Where to measure
    Medium 30cm - 36cm
    Above the knee
    Large 36cm - 42cm
    Extra Large 42cm - 48cm
    Essential Wellness Orthopaedic Insoles
    Size Measurements Where to measure
    Small (3-7) 22.5cm
    Heel to Big Toe
    Large (6.5-11) 25cm - 28.5cm
    Essential Wellness Walking Stick
    Size Measurements Where to measure
    One Size 5'0" - 6'0" Floor to wrist crease with arm by side
    Essential Wellness Ankle Compression Sleeve
    Size Measurements Where to measure
    Medium 20cm - 22cm
    Around the arch of the foot
    Large 22cm - 24cm
    Extra Large 24cm - 26cm


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