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Ankle Brace For Severe Sprains, Lace Up - Ultra Sturdy & Supportive

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Ultra Sturdy & Supportive

Serious and severe grade 3 ankle sprains are not to be taken lightly so we have created a front lace-up ankle support to give you a robust option to support your healing.

Its lace-up front means you can tighten it to suit where you are in your recovery. You choose how it wraps and adapts your swelling. You can loosen it right out before putting it on like a sock. Once your foot is in you can carefully tighten the brace so it provides very best rigidity.

Prevent a long-term chronic ankle problem from developing by wearing this during the initial stages of recovery and when returning to sports after a serious injury.

It’s time to take control of your recovery and use a brace that meets the needs of your painful condition.

  • This brace gets you back on your feet and doesn’t let your ankle injury slow you down too much. It is the ideal support for the following:

      • Grade 2 ligament sprains
      • Grade 3 ligament sprain
      • Pain on walking, standing and bearing weight
      • Complete ligament tears
      • Returning to exercise after a serious injury
    • Moderate to severe Arthritis
    • Fibromyalgia
    • After ankle fracture
    • Ankle instability
    • Recovering from ankle surgery
    1. Neoprene support with rigid plastic supports on both sides
    2. Put it on like a sock and draw tension in the laces so that it’s a comfortable and supported fit
    3. Additional straps to limit excessive movement and promote healing
    4. Fits comfortably in most trainers and wide shoes (recommended)
    5. Can be used when lying on the side, back or front
    6. Designed to specifications in the UK
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Customer Reviews


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