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October 22, 2018 3 min read

Wrist Pain - Is it worth wearing a wrist support

Wrist Support - Is it worth me wearing one?

Whatever has caused you to think about wearing a wrist support, it’s probably a good choice. Having additional support when doing physical jobs, lifting, gardening, chores or working, it’s there to offer stability, support and peace of mind. A good wrist support is all about having a good position and feeling the protection it offers throughout the day.

The key benefit of a wrist support is to offer the wrist some rest, to allow the tendons to heal or the carpal tunnel to be relieved. Even as the metal bar is doing its job you will still feel you can use the wrist normally when wearing it. 

If you’ve had a recent injury

If you have twisted or sprained your wrist and you’re experiencing pain, rest is an essential part of recovery and healing. By choosing to wear a wrist support you can keep the wrist in the best position for healing. The tendons and ligaments aren’t taking strain and you are able to keep using the hand normally.  The more opportunity for rest, the faster your recovery is likely to be.

If you think you have repetitive strain injury

It’s easy to take our wrists for granted, using them for everything we do - picking up items, carrying things and evening use our phones and tablets. Protecting the wrist from repetitive strain and injury will enable you to continue to use your wrists free of pain and keeping the full range of movement. Using your wrists constantly at work, whether at a computer, driving or using machinery, can lead to long term injury and repeated strain. As the tendons become more sore over time, the only answer can be to rest and protect them with a wrist support.

If your wrist feels weak

Everyone is different, but you might be someone who suffers from weak wrists and so, pain is caused when you type, drive, carry out manual work or simply carry your shopping. These activities can make the wrist feel worse over time and that can then lead to further problems where you can no longer use the wrist. A wrist support will reinforce the strength and provide the support your wrist needs to carry out these activities without worrying about your wrist giving way.

Protecting your wrist when it's feeling weak

If you are waking up at night

With wrist problems it’s common to feel wrist pain at night, especially with carpal tunnel syndrome. Using your wrist throughout the day helps to keep it moving and that can keep the pain at bay. However, when you get home and get into bed, the body begins to relax and that is when the wrist can become sore and painful. A wrist support will continue to provide support while keeping the area warm, encouraging blood flow, which helps to ease the pain.

With carpal tunnel syndrome, pain can often be worse as you relax and your wrists are in curled up positions, increasing the pressure on the carpal tunnel. Its common to wake up with pins and needles as well as pain - the only thing that can relieve this during the night is wearing wrist supports that keep the position of the wrist open and pressure-free.

If your job is physical

Whether you need to hold a pen, open doors or even carry a cup of tea, it all requires the use of the tendons and muscles in the wrist. If your wrist is weak and you suffer from tendon problems, you will find that lifting and gripping things become a real chore. Opting to wear a wrist support, you will find that the strength of your grip improves and you will be able to lift things with less pain. All this means that you can continue with daily tasks or work tasks without worrying about dropping things.

A physical job mean your wrist has less time to rest between tasks and over the course of your working life aches and pains can start to creep in. Wearing a wrist support can help prevent injury and fatigue long term.


If you are suffering from any of these problems then it is worth you wearing a wrist support. To prevent, rest and recover from strain and injury.


Wrist Support - Is it worth me wearing one?

Wrist Support

Put your injury back on track today buy purchasing a wrist support and give your wrist the rest it needs to heal. 

Prevent further injury by using a wrist support during strenuous activity, while at work or while at sleep. 

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