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March 17, 2018 1 min read

[Last Edited: 08/10/20]

Reassuring Wrist Support | Contoured metal bar provides gentle support

Overview and Uses

This wrist support brace has been ergonomically designed to protect the wrist, the steel plate running through promotes the ideal wrist position. The neoprene support can be adjusted as required so that comfort and support needs are both met without compromising the other.

The simplicity of this wrist support means it feels supportive all day and keeps the wrist in an ideal position. Leaving you to get on with the things you enjoy while your wrist is well protected. 


The brace helps conditions where joints are swollen and painful as well as strained tendons and ligaments.


Wearing the brace allows the wrist joint to carry on being used for gripping, gardening, driving and working.


This wrist support brace is used to provide adequate rest for the tendons and joints which in turn helps faster healing and recovery.

Essential Wellness Wrist Support Brace

Quality wrist support, suitable for all types of wrist injuries. Get back to sport, gardening, driving and sleep through the night without pain today!


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