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November 19, 2018 3 min read

Is a wrist support the best thing for my carpal tunnel symptoms?

Carpal Tunnel doesn’t have to stop you in your tracks, there is a lot you can do to start improving your symptoms today. Getting on with normal live and feeling confident when lifting items that may be causing you trouble. A wrist support can help give your wrist a better position, keeping you comfortable and rested. Pain relief can come in many forms and position can make a huge difference to persistent carpal tunnel symptoms.

If you are someone who uses your wrist constantly to carry out work such as typing or manual work, you will understand the importance of getting yourself on the road to recovery.

So, why is a wrist support the best option for managing carpal tunnel syndrome?

It eases pressure on the nerves

Choosing to wear a wrist support will help to release the pressure on the nerves in the carpal tunnel. The nerves that run through the tunnel can often become painful because of the pressure placed on them through repetitive use. Using a wrist support will help to open up the tunnel, enabling the nerves to remain free, helping to ease the pain. This can help you if you in the early stages of carpal tunnel syndrome to prevent the condition from getting worse and it can also to help you manage your symptoms if you have been diagnosed with severe symptoms that require and operation.

It protects the wrist and takes the strain

One of the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome is using the wrist repetitively when carrying out tasks such as driving, typing or manual work. When you choose to wear a wrist support, it will help to take the strain off the tendons, the carpal tunnel and the nerves. A wrist support is a great way of preventing carpal tunnel syndrome because of the way in which it provides additional strength and support to the tendons and muscles, helping to give them a rest when you need it. The tendons are prevented from overworking and this helps to reduce the pressure that builds up in the carpal tunnel.

It provides better positioning

Compression of the carpal tunnel is one thing that keeps this condition severe and debilitating. When the carpal tunnel is narrow, under pressure or there is a lot of bending in your wrist the pressure builds and as well as being painful at night you may find you begin to get pain during the day as well. It can be a challenge to keep the wrist in a good position during work, while typing, lifting or doing other manual tasks. A wrist support will help to keep the wrist in a better position by ensuring that the wrist stays straight, which is the most open position for the carpal tunnel.

It provides better sleep

While we are sleeping we put our bodies in positions that are beyond our control. Often this will mean we spend time lying on our arms or find that our wrists become bent in an unorthodox position. When this occurs, it puts further pressure on the nerves and tendons, causing further pain. By wearing wrist supports at night you have regained control over the position your wrists end up while you are sleeping. So you can go to sleep soundly knowing you won’t be woken with your usual severe pain and pins and needles.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful and frustrating condition because it can be so hard for you to keep control of your wrist position. This is the main reason that a wrist support is so beneficial to relieve the pain and suffering from this condition. If you have had this condition for a long time, whether it is new to you or you thinking you might be at risk of developing it then a wrist support is a simple intervention you can apply yourself for quick relief. Not forgetting this is also a condition that is common if you are pregnant as hormones cause a change to the joints in the whole body, for those few months wearing wrist supports can sometimes be the only option.


For improved sleep and peace of mind


To give you back your wrist movement and strength


To protect before or after surgery

Your Wrist Support

Take the next step towards reducing your pain by using a wrist support to manage your pain and symptoms.

Is a wrist support the best thing for my carpal tunnel symptoms?

Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support

To maintain alignment to relieve strain on your nerves and reduce pressure in the carpal tunnel. Protect the wrist all day and night for long term relief. 

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