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June 22, 2020 3 min read

Knee Supports are a great way to improve stability and strength in your knee. Whether it be for an injury, condition, or anything else, knee support will provide the needed foundation to keep your knee in the right place, shortening recovery time and improving the quality of your day. 

Many people use knee supports, from runners to gym-rats, and even the elderly. They are a popular product for those who want to keep their joints in perfect condition. 

But what about wider legs?

Knee supports are made for all shapes and sizes but may take longer for fitting on wider legs. Not to worry, here is our guide on how to fit knee supports for wider legs, and some of the benefits it will bring.

How do I fit a Knee Support on my wider legs?

Our Knee Support comes in a range of different sizes, from Medium to XXL. So the first step would be to choose a size that would suit you. These sizes are fit for purpose, and are designed specifically to support the different sizes of legs - so be sure to get this step right. 

If you are unsure what size you are, we havea size guide on our product page that you can check out to determine what size fits you.

Once you have your Knee Support, simply undo the velcro straps and place it on your knee. Carefully, strap the velcro back round, placing it so that it will not fall off your knee. Make it tight, but not too tight to the point that it hurts.

Keep it on during the day, as it can make walking and doing day-to-day jobs a lot easier. Keeping it on whilst sleeping is also recommended as it can help keep the knee secure throughout the night.

What are the benefits of wearing a Knee Support for Wider Legs?

There is a range of benefits for your knee from wearing a Knee Support. One of them would be the stability improvement. Your knee has extra protection, to keep it in place throughout the day, but also improving the stability in general for when you choose to take it off.

This can help you if you struggle with stability and posture, keeping your knees in the right place so that you can walk securely.

Improves torn ligaments/muscles

The weight on wider-legs can damage your knee muscles throughout the years. If you want to improve torn ligaments or muscles then a Knee Support would be perfect for you.

Keeping the knee in the right position throughout the day will help the muscles heal quicker, and will help your knee get back to how it was before. To see a difference in this aspect, it is best to keep it on as much as possible.

Makes walking easier

Walking with wider legs can have an impact on your muscles, joints, and ligaments over the years. Whilst wearing a Knee Support, these issues can be reduced. Walking can be a lot less painful whilst wearing one and can be a lot easier too.

If you are wanting to get out more, but you are struggling with walking or mobility issues, then a Knee Support would be perfect for you.

Where can I purchase a Knee Support?

Here at Essential Wellness, we offer a Knee Support with Adjustable Fit, specifically made for reducing pain and discomfort. 

It comes in a range of different sizes, and can really help improve the quality of your life if you are struggling with Knee issues.

Click Here to check out our Knee Support on our product page.

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