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June 08, 2020 4 min read

Running is an excellent hobby, with it keeping you in great shape whilst also being fun and enjoyable. It has been a staple exercise since humans first came into existence. Many people have created great careers from running, and it has created many opportunities for us all as it is easy and convenient.

However, it is common to come into complications with running. Injuries happen more often than you’d think, and some people who are injured want to continue running. As it becomes such an important part of our day, we seem to miss the endorphin rush that running brings us. 

The good news is that there are numerous different ways to overcome unexpected injuries. One of them being Knee Supports. But aren’t knee supports for people who struggle walking? How will I benefit from using a knee support?

Good questions, in this guide we will discuss how knee supports can improve your running capabilities and help to heal your injuries faster.

How knee supports help runners


Knee supports have been used by runners for a while now. Recovery time has dropped dramatically for people using knee supports for knee injuries, as it supports the joint whilst also preventing further injuries. With running, injuries can be picked up easily, and with no support behind it, you could make it worse - lengthening the recovery time. 

Some people also have joint/muscle conditions from the past which may be flared up by running. If you are using a knee support, it could help significantly lowering the chances of this happening. 


Knee Supports provide support while running

As well as using it as a recovery tool, knee supports can actually be used whilst running. Whether you are injured or not, putting on a knee support when going for a jog can actually help you provide enough support for the joint to prevent injury. 

Also, using one whilst injured when running can actually make you able to start running a lot sooner than expected. As the support relieves injury pain, you can continue to run without any problems.

Knee Supports give confidence to runners

Everyone talks about safety and precaution a lot, as when feeling safe, you are more likely to be confident in what you are doing. The same applies for running. With a knee support, there is no more fear having an accident and injuring your knees. 

This is important for people who are wary about running due to previous injuries/conditions. A knee support can take away this fear, putting you in your comfort zone again and letting you do what you want to do without any worries.

When to wear a knee support

If you have any injuries, or previous conditions. We recommend that you wear it for as long as possible to see progress. Remember that you can take it off at any time you feel uncomfortable, and some recommend that it is best to leave it off whilst sleeping.

However, if you are a runner, this is not needed. You can put on your knee support just before you start to warm-up. Keep it on whilst running and remove it as soon as you have finished. Remember to look out for swelling, as some people react differently to wearing Knee Supports. If this is the case for you, then you do not need to use it whilst running.

We recommend that you purchase one to wear, and one to keep in the wash. That way, you won’t have to go without using your Knee Support brace when it is not available to use.


Other times runners can use knee supports

Using a knee support can drastically improve hill training, giving that extra bit of support to your muscle and joint to help you push through. As hill training is a strenuous exercise, it is always good to have that extra bit of support to know that your knees won't fail you.


If you are looking to increase the distance of your runs, a knee support can definitely be in use. Without being sure of your capability and strength, you never know what could happen to your joints after running longer than usual. It will give you that much needed confidence to go through with a run at a longer distance.

If you are doing other training, as well as running, such as Strength or Resistance training, then a knee support is definitely important. With recovery from this training, you have no idea how stable your joints will be whilst running. A knee support is perfect for those who are involved with other types of exercise and do not want to risk injuring themselves due to recovery.


Where can I purchase a Knee Support from?

Here at Essential Wellness, we offer a Knee Compression Sleeve, perfect for knee support but also for runners, and fitness-fanatics. There are three different sizes that you can choose from (Medium, Large, XL), giving you a variety of choices depending on your body/leg size. 


Click Here to check out our Knee Compression Sleeve, Breathable Support product now on our website.

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