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Dog Travel Seatbelt - keep your pet safe in the car

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A personal injury may mean a change in scenery. And driving somewhere where you can let your dog off the lead can often be an effective way of getting just enough exercise to aid recovery, while allowing your best friend to really stretch their legs.
  • Simple solution for attaching to a dog harness while travelling in the car.
  • Keeps your dog safe by clipping directly into the car seatbelt socket.
  • Lowers the risk of car accidents by using a seat belt to secure your dog in place for those excitable moments, protecting your dog, yourself and other passengers.


The Seat Belt attachment fits any harness or collar for safe car travel. 
Perfect for car travel with your dog, including trips to the vet, emergencies and days out - even with the car windows wide open. 


You no longer need to shut your dog in the boot to keep it secure, the easy clip seat belt means your dog can be a part of the journey, keeping you company on the front seat and not hiding away in the back missing you! 

The smile on their face will tell you everything you need to know!

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