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Knee Support For Arthritis: A Physio's Perspective

A Physiotherapists Perspective

"Perfect for living with conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritisWhether a new diagnosis or long time sufferer, this knee support adds external stability that may be lacking from the internal structures of the knee."

Knee Support for Arthritis Essential Wellness


"A strong all-rounder, the Essential Wellness knee support is designed to provide a comforting bracing effect, thus taking some of the strain off of the ligament and tendons within the knee. 

Arthritis sufferers can benefit from this bracing effect and the 3 strap design provides superior support compared to two strap designs. This additional support gives the wearer a firmer 'hug' of the knee allowing the knee support to stay in place over prolonged wear, and remain in natural alignment with the patella (knee cap) at the front. The open cushioned ring at the front gently holds the patella in the correct position during a bend of the knee, reducing the grinding sensation of a mal-tracking patella.

Essential Wellness is backed by Chartered Physiotherapists, and we recommend this particular knee support is used to bestow its wearer with all-day support, including, relief from soreness, stiffness and the sudden onset of sharp knee pain. Part of the design specification was to ensure the knee support was also able to brace against the firm pressure generated by a knee almost giving way, which should provide you with extra confidence in maintaining your balance.

It's our firm belief that the Essential Wellness knee support and it's 3 strap design offers the optimum level of knee support and protection to arthritis sufferers who may not want the added bulk of a hinged knee brace, and find a simple compression sleeve doesn't offer enough support. The neoprene material is resistant to becoming stretched out of shape and is great for wearing over long periods while keeping arthritic joints warm and swollen joints compressed. This is in addition to the open patella cushioned ring providing extra tracking support and reducing the stress on the knee tendons, ligaments and bursa."

Anna Kearney

-Head Physiotherapist


Provides Pain Relief - Hugs, Protects And Supports


Your new Essential Wellness support brace is designed to reduce the impact of walking and accidental knocks going through the knee and absorb some of the shocks of accidental impact. 

It will also help to restrict the twisting forces which are present when you are moving, changing direction or navigating up an down steps.



The Essential Wellness Knee Support braces the knee with cushioned patella offloading.

Offloading of your patella is great for arthritis of the knee as it allows you to continue to squat, bend and kneel without applying a huge amount of direct pressure onto the knee cap.



Stability is one of the main concerns expressed by those with a painful arthritic knee condition, and your new Essential Wellness Support will add some much needed external support.

Increased confidence in your knee will start the process towards regaining lost stability, particularly useful when you know you're going to be on your feet for longer than normal.

Essential Wellness knee support arthritis


Arthritic knees have a habit of swelling after use, such as shopping, the theatre, a wedding, or a long walk.

Your Essential Wellness support will help you to manage this swelling with firm compression, which in turn will minimise the inevitable repercussions of pain and stiffness

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Essential Wellness Knee Support for Arthritis

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