Essential Wellness Knee Support: A Physio's Perspective

"A strong all-rounder, the Essential Wellness 'M-Brace Me' knee support is designed to provide a comforting bracing effect, thus taking some of the strain of ligaments and tendons within the knee. 

A variety of common knee conditions can benefit from this bracing effect, such as arthritis, tendonitis and cartilage tears. The 3 strap design provides superior support compared to two strap designs. Giving a firmer 'hug' of the knee allowing the knee support to stay in place in natural alignment with the patella at the front. The cushioned ring at the front gently holds the patella in the correct position during a bend of the knee, reducing the grinding sensation of a mal-tracking patella. 

Essential Wellness is backed by Chartered Physiotherapists, and we recommend this particular knee support is used to bestow it's wearer with all-day support, including, relief from soreness, stiffness and sharp knee pain. Part of the design specification was to ensure the knee support was also able to brace against the firm pressure generated by a knee almost giving way, which should provide you with extra confidence in your balance."

The Essential Wellness knee support and it's 3 strap design offers the optimum level of knee support and protection to cartilage and ligaments. The neoprene material is breathable so it’s great for wearing over long periods while keeping arthritic joints warm and swollen joints compressed. The open patella provides extra tracking support and reduces stress on tendons, ligaments and bursa.

Pain Relief Knee Support - Hugs, Protects, and Supports Fatigued Knees

"The support brace can be used for conditions such as patella tendinitis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, knee instability, as well as ligament strains and cartilage tears."

Whether the injury has occurred in the last week or 10 years ago, the brace adds external stability that may be lacking from the internal structures of the knee and allows return to activity sooner than not using a brace.


If your knee has a habit of swelling when you have to endure increases levels of activity, such as; shopping, the theatre, a wedding or a long walk. 

An Essential Wellness Support will help you to manage this swelling with firm compression, which in turn will minimise the inevitable repercussions of pain and stiffness.


Stability is one of the main concerns expressed by those with a knee condition, and your new Essential Wellness Support will add some external support to the process of regaining lost stability, particularly useful when you have a more vigorous or enduring event that needs you to be at your best.


The Essential Wellness Knee Support braces the knee with cushioned patella offloading. Offloading of your patella is great for tendon injuries as well as allowing you to continue to squat and knee without applying a huge amount of direct pressure onto the knee cap.


Your new Essential Wellness support brace is designed to reduce the impact of walking and accidental knocks going through the knee and absorb some of the shock. It will also help to restrict the twisting forces which are present if you are moving, changing direction or jumping.

In Summary: Discover a quality knee support, suitable for all type of injuries. Get back into sport, walking, gardening and long periods of standing. Low profile enough to be used discreetly under loose clothing. 

From everyone at Essential Wellness we wish to empower you to manage your condition your way, and to ... 

Be. The. Best. You.