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Vision 13

Resistance Band Bundle for Home Work Outs

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Free Bag Included!

3 resistance bands for home workouts - to work and strengthen your legs. 

  • Cotton and Rubber mix for varying resistance
  • Light, Intermediate and Heavy for different exercise types
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Non-Slip Grip on inside of bands

The Vision 13 resistance bands are ideally made for home workouts but can travel with you everywhere and come with a bag to carry them in or to store safely and neatly at home. 

Whatever workout style you're working with the bands can add resistance to your workout and provide an extra challenge to tone and strengthen your legs. 

We've provided a range of resistances to either progress your exercises to add variety and difficulty whether you are exercising in standing, sitting, kneeling or lying down. 

Made with leg workouts in mind, targeting glute and thigh strength - there are plenty of ways to workout with these resistance bands!



Band Width: 8cm

Band Resistance Strength:

    • Light 6kg-11kg
    • Intermediate 11kg-16kg
    • Heavy 18kg-23kg


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